Does Cygnett Still Make Smart Home Devices

Cygnett is an Australian brand that makes a range of personal electronics.   Cygnett used to make a range of smart home devices including smart bulbs, smart plugs, temperature sensors and a home hub.

Does Cygnett Still Make Smart Home Devices?

It appears that Cygnett no longer manufactures smart home devices.  The “smart home” section on their website is empty. Cygnett still makes personal electronics including Power banks and other charging accessories.

Can you still buy Cygnett Smart Home Gear?

Some retailers still have Cygnett smart devices for sale.  I assume that once their stock runs out they won’t continue listing these products.

Will Cygnett Still Update The Cygnett Smart App?

One of the big problems with smaller smart home brands is that when they go out of business their apps no longer work.    The app was last updated for iOS devices over 2 years ago so it doesn’t look like it will continue to get updates and may break in future versions.

It’s also not clear if Cygnett plans to continue releasing firmware updates for their smart home range.  This means that hardware could potentially break in the future.  It might be possible to pair their products with other third party apps but I would be prepared for devices to stop functioning at some point.

It does look like Cygnett uses eWeLink.   You may be able to use the eWeLink app to continue using Cygnett devices. 

How to Avoid This Situation in the Future

Smart home brands going out of business has been a big issue in the past but thankfully things are getting better.  While it might be more expensive, brands like Philips Hue have a huge number of active customers and they won’t just disappear.  Their platform will continue to operate.  You could also choose to use Matter and Thread devices.  These devices should work on any platform.  So even if the company making your device does go bust, they should in theory keep working.    If you’re buying a lot of smart home devices, my advice would be to go with a bigger more established brand that has a good track record.