Grid Connect Troubleshooting

Grid Connect is a smart home platform available in Australia. If you're having problems with Grid Connect devices, we've put together a troubleshooting guide for some of the common problems we've come across.

Grid Connect Troubleshooting:

Device Not Responding

If your Grid Connect is not responding to commands from your phone the easiest fix is a hard reboot. This just involves turning off the power, waiting 6-8 seconds and then turning it on again.

If you have a device which isn't hard wired (like an Orion lock) you can remove the batteries and put them back in again.

If this still doesn't work your best bet is to reset the device:

Reset Grid Connect Bulbs

You can reset Grid Connect bulbs by turning them on and off 3 times to enter pairing mode. You'll then be able to try pairing them to your phone again. Make sure you delete the bulb from the app first, then enter pairing more and then try pairing again.

Connection Drops Out

Grid Connect devices connect directly to your Wifi router. This means if the connection to the device isn't great, it could be prone to drop outs where it becomes unresponsive.

The easiest fix is to use a Wifi Extender to boost the Wifi signal to that part of the house.

Because Grid Connect devices aren't dual band and don't support mesh networking protocols like Zigbee or Thread, they are prone to drop outs. Something as simple as turning on the microwave could cause the connection to drop out.

Grid Connect Device Won't Pair

We've found that Grid Connect devices don't pair well with modern routers.

If you have two seperate Wifi networks (one of 2.4ghz and one for 5ghz) make sure your phone is on the 2.4ghz network when you are pairing the device.

We usually recommend NOT separating your Wifi bands into two seperate networks. This will create a slower Wifi network and it tends to cause issues. However, if your Wifi only has one network for both bands and your Grid Connect devices won't pair, you may need to create seperate networks for 2.4 and 5ghz while pairing.

After pairing you can try combining them once again and see if they are able to successfully connect.