Is the August Smart Lock Available in Australia?

The August Smart Lock is one of the most popular smart locks. But is it worth buying the August Lock in Australia and does it even work here? Here is our guide to using the August Smart Lock in Australia:

Is the August Smart Lock Sold in Australia?

The August Lock is currently not sold in Australia by local retailers. If you're looking to buy the August Lock it is available on Amazon, but it does get shipped from the U.S.

Does the August Home App Work in Australia

One issue when ordering smart home devices from overseas is their apps are often not available in the Australian App Stores. The good news though is the August Home App is available in the Australian App Store.

If you do order the August Lock from overseas you will be able to install the lock without any hassles.

Will the August Lock fit Australian Doors

The August Locks work with single cylinder deadbolts. This smart lock won't work with Rim Cylinder, Mortise or Integrated door locks. The August Lock works by fitting over the top of an existing lock and using a motor to turn the mechanism. You can find a list of compatiable deadbolts here. Because August doesn't sell the lock in Australia, this list might not include Australian locks, but it is possible it will still work.

Is the August Smart Lock worth getting?

While the August Smart Lock isn't sold locally it is still one of the best options for converting an existing deadbolt lock into a smart lock. August have been making smart locks since 2013. The 4th generation Smart Locks have worked out many of the bugs and it's consistently one of the top reviewed smart locks.

The one big downside of ordering the lock from the U.S is if the lock doesn't end up working on your door you will need to send it back to the U.S. You also won't be covered by the same consumer protections you get if you buy from an Australian retailer. August has no presence in Australia.

The best August Smart Lock Alternatives

If you don't want to order the August Lock the closest alternative available in Australia is the Nuki Lock. Just like the August Lock, the Nuki works by retrofitting your existing lock. There is also the Orion Gird Connect Smart Deadbolt Controller which is similar to the August lock as well.