How to Add the LIFX Smart Switch to HomeKit

The LIFX Smart Switch converts your regular downlight into smart lights. The LIFX Switch is one of the few smart switches that support HomeKit.

However it's not immediately obvious how to setup the LIFX Switch with HomeKit. I tested out the LIFX switch and can confirm it works with HomeKit. Here is how to set it up:

Add the LIFX Switch to HomeKit

The LIFX switch doesn't use a HomeKit code that you scan. This can be a little bit confusing. Here is how get the LIFX switch working with HomeKit:

1. Setup LIFX Switch with LIFX App

Before adding the LIFX switch to HomeKit it does need to be added to the LIFX app first. Go through the process of setting up the switch using the LIFX app on your iPhone.

2. Go to Settings and Start Pair

Pairing the LIFX smart switch with HomeKit.  Settings Page

Once the switch has been setup, go to the settings page in the LIFX app. You can click the Cogwheel to get to this page.

Click on the Switch in Settings and then Click on the "Pair" button which can be found under the HomeKit menu.

3. Get Code

Click the "Get Code" button. This will display a HomeKit code. This HomeKit code is needed to add the switch to Homekit and is used instead of the scan code. Write this code down.

4. Pair Switch

Pair the switch after getting the code

Now click the "Pair Switch" button. Select the Home you want to add the button to, and then a popup menu will appear. Click the More Options link. This will let you enter the code instead of scanning a HomeKit code.

That's it! If you're still having trouble with the LIFX switch, feel free to ask a question here and I'll try and help you out.

Does the LIFX Switch have a HomeKit Code

The LIFX smart switch doesn't use a scannable code to get added to HomeKit. I'm not sure why LIFX chose to go down this route, but it does mean you do need the LIFX app to add the device to HomeKit and the switch needs to be added to the LIFX app first.

Some LIFX switches were shipped with HomeKit codes in the actual box. If the code is in the box you can just use that code to add it to HomeKit.

Does the LIFX Switch work with HomeKit

I have setup the LIFX switch to successfully work with HomeKit and I can confirm it does work through HomeKit and the Apple Home app.