Does the Starling Home Hub work in Australia

The Starling Home Hub is a nifty little devices that allows you to use Nest Devices with Apple's HomeKit and Siri.

Nest devices are some of the most popular smart home products in Australia. They make a range of Thermostats, Temperature Sensors, Cameras and Doorbells. With the Starling Home Hub you'll be able to add these nest devices to the Apple Home App.

Does the Starling Home Hub Work in Australia

When I'm looking to see if a Smart Home devices will work in Australia I check a couple of things. The first is to check and see if the app is available in our App Stores. The Starling App is available in our App Store and works in Australia.

The next thing I check is the power supply to make sure it'll work in Australian power points. The Starling Home Hub ships to Australia with a U.S power brick, but it uses Micro-USB. This means you can use any Australian USB power brick and the Hub will work fine.

So yes, the Starling Home Hub does work in Australia.

Where to Get the Starling Home Hub in Australia

I wasn't able to find any local retailers selling the Starling Home Hub. It is available from the Starling website. Shipping is quite expensive to Australia.

Do you need the Starling Home Hub Anymore?

Google has been adding Matter support to Nest devices. Matter is a new smart home standard designed for interoperability. Any Matter device can be added to the Apple Home app.

Unfortunately Google has only added Matter to select Nest devices.

Google hasn't said whether they will add Matter support to the Nest Camera's or Doorbells and because these products rely on subscriptions, I doubt they will.

Why Get the Starling Home Hub

If you use Apple products then being able to control your smart home using Siri and the Apple Home app is really useful. Apple Home is built into Apple Devices across the entire ecosystem. It's available on iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple TV, Mac computers, iPad and HomePods.

With the Starling Home Hub, video feeds from Nest will show up in the Apple Home app and you can use HomeKit Secure Video. You'll also be able to use Siri. For example "Hey Siri show me the outside Camera".

Is it worth getting the Starling Home Hub? Currently I believe the Starling Home Hub is the best way to add Nest products to HomeKit in Australia. While the device isn't sold locally, it does work in Australia you'll just have to buy it overseas.