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Apple Home Key Smart Locks in Australia

Apple Home Key Smart Locks can be opened by just placing your iPhone or Apple Watch near the lock. You don't need to open any apps or enter any passwords.

We're keeping track of smart locks that work with Apple Home Key and keeping this page updated.

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What is Apple Home Key

Apple Home Key Australia

Apple Home Key is a new feature that was added to iOS 15. Apple Home Key allows you to open your door using your iPhone or Apple Watch using just a tap. It's very similar to paying using Apple Pay.

You don't need to open any apps or using a passcode, you simple place your iPhone or Apple Watch near the lock and it will magically unlock.

You can find out more about how to unlock using Apple Home Key here.

Is Apple Home Key the same as HomeKit?

No. HomeKit is the standard that devices can use to show up in the Apple Home app. Locks that support HomeKit can be locked and unlocked using the Home app. Apple Home Key locks will still show up in the Home app and you will still be able to use the app to lock/unlock. Apple Home Key is a seperate feature that adds a digital key to your phone. Apple Home Key doesn't require you to use the Home app to unlock a lock, all you have to do is tap your phone. It even works when your phone's battery has died!

Pros of Apple Home Key Locks

Apple Home Key has a couple of big advantages over other unlock methods.

Simple and Secure Unlock

Apple Home Key is both easy to use and secure. By default Apple Home Key locks can be unlocked with just a tap, however for more security you can choose to also require Face ID/PIN code.

Apple Home Key is fast to use and you don't need to remember any PIN numbers. And because there are no PIN numbers you don't have to worry about people snooping and stealing your code.

Apple Home Keys can be Shared

Apple Home Key locks work with Apple's family sharing. So when you setup a Key it can automatically be shared with all members of your household. And because it works natively in iOS, they don't need to download or install any third party apps. It will just work. Other smart locks require you to download extra apps and sign for accounts.

Guest Keys

Apple Home Key supports guest keys. You can easily share a key with a dog walker or baby sitter and these keys can be removed at anytime.

Cons of Apple Home Key Locks

The biggest con of using an Apple Home Key lock is these locks require Apple Devices to use the Home Key. However, most all the Apple Home Key locks that are currently available support other unlock methods. So even if some members of your household don't have an iPhone or Apple Watch, the locks will still work just fine.

Is Apple Home Key Available in Australia

Apple Home Key is currently available in Australia and works on iOS in Australia. We've tested out a number of Apple Home Key locks and we've had no trouble using them locally.

What locks have Home Key in Australia

As Apple Home Key is a new feature there is currently only a few locks that support Apple Home Key and in Australia the choice is limited.

We keep this page updated with the latest Home Key locks that can be bought locally. Currently only the Aqara U100 is available in Australia. It's a great choice! The other option that works in Australia is the Level Lock+. Unfortunately we weren't able to find this lock for sale in Australia. It's currently only sold by Apple and Level in the U.S and they don't offer local shipping. If you can find a retailer that ships to Australia we have confirmed it works here.

Should you get an Apple Home Key Lock

If you currently use Apple devices we strongly recommend looking for an Apple Home Key lock. It makes unlocking so much faster. We've found it to be much more reliable than Bluetooth locks and because you only need to tap your device, it's much faster too.